PRISM Conference 2022

October 14th-15th

a women's conference that gives you the space you need

A woman with hand over her heart

space to encounter Jesus

A woman with a flower covering her face

space to be your most authentic self

A woman smiling while writing in a notebook

space to ask questions,
get answers, and grow

life is busy & so are you

we get it, we’re women too! but in order to step into the fullness of who you were created to be, you need to give yourself permission to slow down and purposely receive from God. and PRISM conferences are designed to help you get there.

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what to expect

relevant teachings. inspiring discussions. empowering community. intimate worship. transformative ministry.

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relevant teachings

that empower your identity, as a daughter, a leader, a woman of influence.

inspiring discussions

to activate fearlessness and silence the inner critic.

empowering community

that believes connection is vital to successfully navigate every season of life.

intimate worship

that makes it easy to encounter God’s presence.

transformative ministry

founded in the truths of your value and full potential as a woman.

Two women sitting on the floor giving each other a high five
i had life-changing questions that needed to be answered by a sunday afternoon. a weekend at PRISM gave me the time and space to ask God the questions, receive answers, and then process my next steps. monday morning i took those next steps and walked fully into who i was made to be, as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. i haven’t looked back since!


receive from God in a fresh way


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delight in the space


become all you were created to be

not just another women's conference

here at PRISM we know you want to step confidently into who you were made to be. but in order to get there, you need encounters with God. and THAT takes space.

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unfortunately, life doesn’t always give you permission to slow down and make that connection. and without it, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected, even disempowered or confused.

but we believe you were made for more! so we’ve designed a conference that gives you space to make that connection with God, and others. it’s in that place that you can feel seen, heard, and empowered as a woman.

at PRISM 2022 we’re bringing together authentic women from all walks of life to provide practical tools that will equip and empower you to step confidently into who God made you to be.

here’s how you can be a part of our PRISM 2022 conference:

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  3. delight in the space
  4. become all you were created to be

it's. your. time.

step into a space where you can experience what you were made for