Harbour Care Wedding Policy


First of all we want to congratulate you on your engagement and desire to get married.  We are truly honored to be given the opportunity to serve you on this special day! Here you will find helpful information as you move forward in your wedding plans. You will also find the policies that will enable us to best serve you at this special juncture of your life. If you have a specific question or request that is not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • At Harbour, our Pastoral Team performs and officiates weddings in accordance with what we believe, which is that the Word of God is clear in stating that a marriage is between a man, who was born a man, and a woman, who was born a woman, according to the gospel as stated in Matthew 19:35, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”
  • We ask that requests for our wedding services be made at least 4-6 months before your wedding date. You can fill out the Wedding Request Form by CLICKING HERE.
  • By filling out the Wedding Request Form you are acknowledging that you adhere to all our wedding policy and that we reserve the right to cancel our wedding services at any point, should we deem it necessary.
  • Your wedding request status is “UNCONFIRMED” until the request form has been filled out and approved by the Harbour Care team.
  • You will receive a formal written confirmation notification on whether or not we will be able to serve you with your upcoming wedding within 30 days of your request.  
  • If we confirm your request,  this means: 1) Your wedding date has officially been placed on the Harbour Church Ministry Calendar and on the calendar(s) of the Harbour Pastoral Team member(s) involved in your wedding. 2) You and your fiance will be scheduled for an initial one on one with a member of our Harbour Care Team.  3) You will be emailed a Wedding Ceremony Survey to fill out and once we receive your completed Survey, you and your spouse will be scheduled for your second one on one with the Harbour Pastor, who will be officiating your ceremony, so they can go over all the wedding details with you in person.
  • In order to have a member of our Pastoral Team perform your wedding ceremony, we require all engaged couples to complete a premarital course and/or do premarital sessions with a professional counselor. We can refer you to premarital course options or a marriage counselor.
  • If you have special circumstances around your wedding that might be beneficial to make us aware of or you have financial constraints that hinder you from being able to meet the requirements of our wedding policy, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss.  


  • If a Harbour Pastor is asked to officiate a ceremony within a two-hour drive of The Harbour Church, the pastor will provide their own transportation. However, the following expenses should be included in your wedding budget: 1) Gas supplement based on the mileage; to and from the wedding venue for both the drive to the wedding rehearsal and back again to the venue for the ceremony. 2) Meal allowance during their time of travel. 3) Lodging, as needed. 4) Honorarium.
  • The total expenses will be detailed to you by a member of the Harbour Care team and must be submitted to Harbour 30 days prior to the wedding ceremony.


  • If a Harbour Pastor is asked to officiate a ceremony that is more than a four-hour drive from Harbour Church, please include the following expenses in your wedding budget: 1) Flight and/or travel expenditures to and from the wedding venue. 2) Meal allowance during their time of travel. 3) Lodging. 4) Honorarium
  • Based on the specifics surrounding the wedding ceremony, the total expenses will be detailed to you by the Harbour Care team and need to be paid 30 days prior to the wedding ceremony.


  • We do have an option to potentially help facilitate your wedding at our Pompano City Hub location, except on: New Years, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or the date of any special Harbour event.
  • If this is of interest for you, please contact us to discuss.

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